Ohana Capital is a private equity firm exclusively focused on investing in profitable service businesses with revenues of $2 million to $30 million.

  • The Ohana team possesses years of experience as entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, and private equity professionals
  • We have a long-term investment horizon and believe that good strategies often take time to properly execute
  • Ohana is actively involved in each of its investments and dedicates substantial amounts of time and resources to investing in and supporting its CEO partners


Ohana invests in people and with each investment we are beginning a long-term partnership based on trust and a shared commitment to succeed.  We also believe that skilled management is vital to the success of companies.  For these reasons, we are very selective about the entrepreneurs with whom we work and devote significant energy to ensuring that there is a common understanding of the commitments that each party is making before any investment decision is made. 

In addition to capital, Ohana adds value by leveraging our knowledge of the common growth phases of recurring revenue service businesses, having a service-minded approach grounded in the needs of entrepreneurs, and contributing insights and expertise as an actively involved member of the ownership team.